Paul Stack

Paul Stack is a London based infrastructure coder and has spoken at various events throughout the world about his passion for continuous integration, continuous delivery and good operational procedures and why they should be part of what developers and system administrators do on a day to day basis.

He believes that reliably delivering software is more important as its development. Paul’s passions are the DevOps and Continuous Delivery movements and how they help the entire business and its customers.

Continuously Delivering Infrastructure using Packer and Terraform

In this talk Paul will demonstrate how to use HashiCorp's Packer and Terraform to setup continuous delivery in everyone's favorite cloud environment.

By the end of the session you will have learned how to setup Packer builds to create AMIs, how to use Terraform to deploy your AMIs, and a bit of extra polish to make it ready for production. Following this you will be able to build a safe, controlled continuous delivery pipeline using open source tools.